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This adult training course has been developed as part of the SINCERE training pathway co-funded by the European Union's Erasmus + programme. 

These training modules for partner trainers.have been designed by the partners to develop advanced skills in andragogy, incorporating Bloom's taxonomy to structure effective learning objectives and appropriate teaching scenarios. They cover teaching methods and dynamic group management, while reinforcing active listening and concrete strategies for overcoming stage fright.

They are supplemented by other modules specific to each of the 3 countries: France, Spain and Italy, where each partner has contributed its experience and expertise in training, to adapt and enrich the course.  

Soft skills, such as effective communication, empathy and the ability to work positively and productively with learners from all backgrounds. Good self-knowledge enables trainers to recognise their strengths and limitations, adapt their teaching methods and maintain an authentic and engaging learning relationship. It also contributes to stress management and resilience in the face of the varied challenges of adult education.

Together, these skills strengthen the trainer's ability to create inclusive and stimulating learning environments, which are essential for fostering learners' personal and professional development.

We have chosen PerformanSe's Echo personality and motivation test to enable candidates to get to know themselves better by identifying their soft skills, and to succeed in implementing their project.

Common Courses Avalaibles 


FR1  L'analyse des besoins de formation

FR2 L'andragogie La pédagogie pour les adultes

FR3 La taxonomie de Bloom 

FR4 Les objectifs pédagogiques 

FR5 Le scénario pédagogique

FR6 Les méthodes pédagogiques

FR7 Les théories de l'apprentissage

FR8 L'écoute active et le questionnement 

FR9 La gestion du groupe et des différentes personnalités

FR10 Maîtriser le trac et réussir ses présentations orales



IT1  Analisi dei bisogni formativi

IT2 Andragogia Insegnare agli adulti

IT3 Tassonomia di Bloom

IT4 Obiettivi didattici

IT5 Lo scenario didattico

IT6 Metodi didattici

IT7 Teorie dell'apprendimento

IT8 Ascolto attivo e domande

IT9 Gestire il gruppo e le sue diverse personalità

IT10 Padroneggiare la paura del palcoscenico e fare presentazioni orali di successo


SP1 Análisis de las necesidades de formación

SP2 Andragogía Enseñanza de adultos

SP3 Taxonomía de Bloom

SP4 Objetivos pedagógicos

P5 El escenario pedagógico

SP6 Métodos pedagógicos

SP7 Teorías del aprendizaje

SP8 Escuchar e interrogar activamente

SP9 Gestionar el grupo y sus diferentes personalidades

SP10 Dominar el miedo escénico y hacer presentaciones orales con éxito

Specific Courses Avalaibles 


FR11 La Gestion de Projet 

FR12 Le marketing digital

FR13 La stratégie marketing et la communication digitale

FR14 Gérer et animer les réseaux sociaux

FR15 Réaliser des présentations efficaces

FR16 Comprendre le Business Model Canvas

FR17 Réaliser un pitch percutant


SP1 Descripción del curso y perfil del asesor

SP1 File rouge 1

SP2 La comunicación

SP2 File Rouge

SP3 Márketing Digital

SP3 File Rouge

SP4 Autoemprendizaje

SP4 File Rouge

SP5  Herramientas para el desempeño

SP5 File Rouge

SP6 Proyecto personal


IT1 Comunicazione d empatia

IT2 I social in ambito lavorativo - Facebook & LinkedIn

IT3 Pianificazione e progettazione   


French Teachers

Pierre Paul Castelli

Roger Poggi

Christian Castelli

René Siacci

Spanish Teachers

Jesús Miranda
Miguel Esquíroz

Italian Teachers

Lussu Diego

Salemme Alessandra

Pedrali Federica

Dagnolo Alessandro

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