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What are the organisation's main activities?

C2Consulting Group is a consulting and training company mainly specialized in developing learning path for unemployed executives. C2Consulting is often acting as a project designer, leader and project manager for schools and public or semi-public institutions consortiums. C2Consulting know how is based on a deep understanding of pedagogy trends, public and non-public interactions, funds seeking. To match with its engagements in favour of independent consultants C2Consulting has developed a network of 30 professionals in France

What are the organisation's activities in the field of this application?

In 2018 C2Consulting has decided to push experimentation on the future of unemployed senior executives. In relation with the French umbrella companies’ employer’s union and Excelia Business School it was decided by C2Consulting to create from scratch a training path for unemployed seniors to become digital consultant and trainer. The experimentation was covering the funding of a training path to create specific contents, sourcing, selection of participants and assistance in implementing the new activity of the participants.

Legal name:   C2 CONSULTING

Country:         French

Region:          Ile de France

City:                PARIS


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