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The project partners worked actively together to develop a joint training programme. The partners worked face-to-face during the three transactional meetings and then during the online meetings. There were many exchanges of ideas and comparisons. After a great deal of work, a training course was created, shared by all with a common part of 10 courses and an adaptation to the different territorial needs of each partner. European collaboration was essential if we were to develop a common course that would achieve the same objectives and that could be reproduced in other European contexts. Indeed, the characteristics of the training course mean that it can be adapted to different needs and different users. European collaboration has enriched the course by enabling different perspectives to be brought together and common solutions to be found. Each partner has contributed its own experience and expertise in training, which has helped to enrich the comparison and develop a training pathway.quality product.
THE SINCERE PROJECT (Seniors Inclusion via Entrepreneurship and Return to Employment)


The ageing of the population has put pressure on Europe's pension systems. Numerous reforms are delaying the retirement age.  As a result, older workers are working longer in all European countries. 
Raising the retirement age poses a major challenge in terms of keeping older people in work. Any reform of pension systems must therefore be accompanied by active employment policies.
While experience acquired over the years promotes employability, skills often need to be adapted. If retraining is often compulsory for this population, does it necessarily mean finding a job or why not creating one?
The main objective is to explore the possibilities of resumption of activity for unemployed seniors.
If reskilling is often mandatory for that population does that necessarily mean finding a job or why not creating a job?
Create a program to develop entrepreneurship capacities and job opportunities for unemployed seniors, based on transversal competences.

The following picture shows some activities in this context which will be supported by the project SINCERE.













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