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What are the organisation's main activities?

Tech Don Bosco Foundation was born in 2019 by the salesian Province of Santiago el Mayor, in Spain. It is aimed at providing coordination and added value services to all the province schools net. In all, it has 36 schools. Of them, 25 are VET schools, with a very wide VET offer to over 10.000 people (more than 8500 students of initial VET) in training programmes per year. We coordinate, plan and manage the training activities for the long life learning programmes in the Province. In addition, Tech Don Bosco is giving this training and training management service, for some programs, to all the centers in the spanish salesian provinces. The foundation is also giving advice to the centers to certificate their quality assurance systems.

What are the organisation's activities in the field of this application?

We coordinate the program to identify the reskilling needs of the over 3.000 people working in this network. And we are planning, in a yearly system, and managing the training activities for the long life learning programmes owned by the province. We yearly manage an average of about 100 training activities for our centers’ workers: technical, pedagogical, quality management related skills… And, in some cases, collaborate with the centers in the role of advicers for the training programs for the unemployed. And we have developed an online learning platform (Moodle) to provide courses for them. The foundation gives advice to 11 schools in order to grow up their quality management systems. Included tasks as internal audits and support in the external ones. We also coordinate the activities of the anual training programs for VET teachers technical continuous training and a labor intermediation service for students of our VET centers.


Country:         Spain

Region:          Castille

City:                MADRID


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